A very warm welcome to the Night Café - Night Café is a premier distributor of relaxing yet stimulating late night music with a high "chill out" factor that is not available from the average high street retailer. Night Café is staffed by music enthusiasts, keen to build a catalogue from diverse sources, and typically direct from the artists themselves (to whom we offer a good, or better financial deal than through the retail music distribution channel).


Night Cafe has been trading online since July 1999 under the ownership of the Synergic Systems Group.  Giving people the chance to buy obscure chill-out music, that is not readily available elsewhere.   At the start of this year 2003, we the Lyntone Group acquired Night Cafe.  


The lyntone Group:  Own a small group of music / book related online stores with 1 physical record stores in the north of England.   Lyntone has been trading for nearly 11 years now and is mainly known for its record store Rpm Records.  Customer service has always been very important to us, so the service we give you is prompt, polite and fast and we always try to send the cd's out the same day.  If you have any questions regarding the Lyntone Group please email us.  


Back to Night Cafe:  As well as keeping the existing categories, we are planning completely new categories that will offer a more diverse selection of independent music.  Plans are also in the pipeline for a cd duplication / record pressing service.  Also you will be happy to hear that finally MP3's are being incorporated in to the Night Cafe site.   


The inventory of artists in Night Cafe is fairly small at present but hopefully it will increase with the changes that have been made to the site and with the planned alterations/additions.  If you are an artist / band and wish to sell via the Night Cafe please go to our selling page.

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