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Mark T. Mark T.  Mark T. is an award winning musician, composer & musical director whose work incorporates Folk Music, Roots Chillout and Blues.
Fred James Fred James  USA based artist who is essentially a blues artists but incorporates jazz in to his music making it addictive listening.
Jane Jane  "Close Up and Real is a wonderful debut album from UK writer Jane which demonstrates her quite exceptional songwriting abilities and spans the first 10 years of her writing career. The tight, quirky backing vocals which have become her signature sound, are evident throughout most tracks and of course each song is complemented by the outstanding musicianship of the individual players."

Janiculum Janiculum  A fine collection of four CD's featuring Jane Clarks' harpsichord, sometimes with sometimes with a wonderful ensemble, and on the wonderful Domenico Scarlatti just Jane;

Musical delights mainly from continental Europe from the around the 18th century


Marie Vassiliou (soprano), Alasdair Elliott & Harry Nicoll (tenors), Lesley Holliday (flute), james Eastaway (oboe), John Trusler & Andrew Roberts (violins), Marilyn Sansom & Nicholas Roberts (cellos), Jane Clark (harpischord).

Robb Johnson Robb Johnson  Robb's work ranges from acoustic with violin / bowed bass (Big Wheel) through to a rocky work out on Yeah Yeah Yeah. Robb has often been praised as one of the UK leading songwriters by many people over many years. We have much of the catalogue on this web site, not withstanding the excellent Overnight and Night Café CDs from which we drew some inspiration!

Aidan Jolly Aidan Jolly  Aidan Jolly is a singer-songwriter and guitarist. - System Fault is Aidan's first solo CD. It was recorded over the last few years, and features guest appearances from some of Manchester's finest musicians including Jaydev Mistry (percussion), Bernie Murphy (vocals) and Jilah Bakhshayesh (violin).

Barb Jungr Barb Jungr  UK based, European chanter with piano accompaniment, covering a number well known songs in her own style. A committed performer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Carol Kidd Carol Kidd  Carol Kidd became a full time professional singer in 1990 after Frank Sinatra personally invited her to appear with him at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, He later wrote in his fan magazine perfectly Frank "Carol Kidd is the best kept secret of British Jazz". In 1998 Carol received an MBE for Services to Jazz in the Queens Birthday Honours List.

Carol is in constant demand at music festivals throughout the world and she is now regularly compared to the all-time greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Peggy Lee.

Nelson King Nelson King  The blues is a living thing, like every living thing- it changes. Nelson brings the blues bang up to date.

Attila Kovacs Attila Kovacs  Easy listening, Classical, Romantic, New age, Instrumental. Rooted in traditions of Bach and Beethoven, brought up to date by Yanni.

Attila Kovacs has proven the he is and extraordinary new age, classical composer with vision. There is a nourished antiquity and in stark contrast, a revitalised modernisation to his music.

'The review dept, Independent songwriter web-magazine, Camden, NY 13316-1004, USA.'

James Krueger James Krueger  James Krueger has been called a true voice of the mountains

"The brand spankin' new Fine . . . is a very pleasant listen - well-played and featuring Krueger playing various instruments with impressive end results, thought-provoking and far from preachy. In fact, the project . . . sounds terrific. . . ." - Woodstock Times

Well worth checkin' out!

Vipada S. Lantz Vipada S. Lantz  Vipada S. Lantz - The Mixing Queen. Brings you Experimental Electronic Dance of the highest quality!
David Lewis David Lewis  Singer Songwriter, working with John Wesley Harding on both CD's he achieves a kind of Nick Drake 70's bedroom feel with excellent and at times ironical lyric writing, here at the Night Cafe, this is our kind of Madness/...
Tiffany Lunn Tiffany Lunn  Tiffany was born in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England on 24th May 1977.

She has been obsessed by music since the age of five, when she started playing the keyboard, she composes all her own music, and performs it using the Korg X3 keyboard, she also is a talented drummer, and has performed with several bands on stage.

Since sixteen, she has pursued her career and has since gained many qualifications, hence a National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Popular Music and Sound Recording. More recently gaining a BA(hons) Degree in Popular Music.

Many people such as Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Jon Anderson and Sting have influenced her over the years. However she is totally obsessed with the music of Queen, and worships Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor.

Her ambitions are to compose music for films; she admires Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard and John Barry for their film soundtracks. She would also like to compose for TV documentaries.

Marvin Project Marvin Project  The Marvin Project are an inspiration. Very few genres manage to keep a firm grip on this group who often end up classified as 'jazz' or 'jazz' with an electronic echo. In reality, The Marvin Project illustrates the borderless quality of music and encourages aspiring artists to take note that music doesn’t need to be set within the stifling environment of the pop industry - Marty Drury @ Musosguide. 11 September 2004

Matheran Matheran  From the minute we heard the first few bars of the first track we had to have John Parricelli and Mark Lockhearts Matheran project in the shop.

Matheran relaxing music is focused around the interplay between acoustic guitar and alto / soprano (?) sax, over some wonderful Brazilian rhythms. Mark Lockheart on reeds and John Parricelli on guitars plus percussion and double bass

MC 01 MC 01  MC 01's intellectually charged lyrics with their thought provoking metaphore's are intoxicating to a point of addiction. This project was done for the vintage BBoys and Queens of the Hip Hop culture. If you are looking for quality rap, this is it.

Lee Mitchell Lee Mitchell  One of England's gentler singer/songwriters who captures the mood of each song with total sincerity and the enchantment of his music - A must for those who enjoy the introspective side of acoustic music!
Mook Mook  Mook (a.k.a. Jill Farrar) is a songwriter from Sheffield, who began her ventures in music with childhood piano lessons and playing the oboe in wind bands and orchestras. Surprisingly it was the oboe that led her to discover rock n roll when she was asked to join a local indie band looking to broaden their sound.

Moonlight Crush Moonlight Crush  Moonlight Crush! Australian pop / dance sensation.
On The Borderline On The Borderline  This Music that can be listened to by everyone in years to come... It’s the truth... Timeless... Keep listening in years to come - not wrapped up in current trends of fashionable music... Music is the only thing that lasts forever, and On the Borderline build it to last
Angie Palmer Angie Palmer  Angie Palmer, is a tremendous acoustic guitarist and singer whose obvious heroine is Joni Mitchell, but she can also work up a blues growl. It’s hard to pull off an album with nothing but your guitar and voice, but she does it with ease. - Joe Cushley Mojo Magazine
George Papavgeris George Papavgeris  Singer/songwriter taking the South by storm, whose prodigious output is already covered by major folk artists like Vin Garbutt, Roy Bailey, Andy Irvine, Martyn Wyndham-Read, Johnny Collins, Ben Campbell, Mike Blair etc
Cecil Parker Cecil Parker  Mix a little Maxwell, Al Green, Marvin Gaye and Nat "king" cole and you have the smooth R&B sound of CECIL PARKER.
Phenzwaan Phenzwaan  Phenzwaan, the Cosmic Wordsmith is an award winning performance poet & internationally recognised spoken word recording artist who has toured and performed extensively throughout London and nation-wide.

Night Café - Serving aromatic music of distinction to the world/...