Strictly For The 

Dance Floor!

(Volume 1)



An entrancient Dance style (influences from the clubs and dance floors of Ibeza etc).


Bald Headed Daddy....a near bio

The club scene in the UK is quite something. Many of the teens love the dance styles that the local and national D. J's play on the dance floors. The producer behind the album 'Strictly for the Dance Floor' wanted to do a version of this in his own style on a CD, only adding his own influence into it.

This album with its intransient sound to it, gives you an idea of what's going on in the head of Bald Headed Daddy. The influences range from New Age, Pop to Rock and a smattering of Opera throw-in. You must understand that the music on this CD is studio produced and would be difficult to re-produce if done live.
But a lot of time has been spent on each of the mix's of each track to give you the very best in its sound.

The 1980's influenced Bald Headed Daddy with groups like Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Culture Club. The 1990's brought influences of new age from the Enigma albums. But pop was still ruling with Maya 'with a chimney on her head' Then Run-D.M.C vs Jason Nevins with 'Its Like That' (UK version), now that's what I call a great sound! The present day of 2004 brings in Cool Play and some of the boy bands like Blue and Travis. As you can see, its a wide variety of groups and solo artistes.


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Track Listing and MP3 Samples.

 Track Title

Mp3 link


The Call


The Heave


The Void


Use Your Love


Remember That Night


Freak Out


I Need


Miss You