No Grey Matter



Reissue of the first Ex-Wise Heads CD "No Grey Matter".

Originally released in 2000, No Grey Matter
features seven strong slices of global influenced improvisation. Strong performances from the usual suspects Geoff Leigh on flutes, soprano sax, electronics and zither, Colin Edwin on fretless bass and guimbri and Vincent Salzfaas on bougarabous and percussion.

The opening bass riff of "Lost Tango" sets the pace with it's insistent rhythmic drive, broken only by the humourous twist at the end of the piece. The mood picks up with following track, aptly titled "Afro Hoe Down", which garnered significant airplay on BBC Radio Three's Late Junction.

Other highlights include the moody and atmospheric soundscape of  "Spirit Dance" and the intense trance of 'Song for Jalil".

"No Grey Matter" has a spontaneous feel throughout and manges to both satisfy and, paradoxically, leave the listener wanting more.

A good primer for the more developed sound and compositions that came with the follow up album "Time and Emotion Study"

Ex-Wise-Heads have been making music, performing and recording since 1997.  They have released two albums and played at various Festivals and venues, mainly in the South East UK.

Originally a duo comprising former Henry Cow saxophonist Geoff Leigh and bassist Colin Edwin, of hardworking UK rock band Porcupine Tree, the addition of multi percussionist Vincent Salzfaas added the spark they were searching for in their quest to explore a rootsy and experimental, yet accessible form of music, both 'World Music' influenced and curiously English at the same time.

Ex-Wise Heads have released two albums to date on their own record label Hard World: 2003's "Time and Emotion Study" and a reissue for 2000's "No Grey Matter"

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Track Listing and MP3 Samples.

 Track Title

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Lost Tango


Afro Hoe Down


Song For Jalil


Spirit Dance


Departure Lounge


All Thumbs Up