Foil for a Girl in a Posh 




As independent music begins to take hold, so bands such as French Possession are unearthed. 'Foil for a girl in a posh frock' is a collection of songs of the highest quality. This may well be the best new album you'll hear this year...



Nightcafe Review:  Excellent cd that delivers and offers the listener high quality intellectual music.






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Track Listing and MP3 Samples.

 Track Title

High Quality


Roch valley high


Frail beauty


Foil for a girl in a posh frock


Wear and tear


The long slide


Controlled emotion


Deep in the long grass


Behind the waterfall


Autumn sunshine


Out of town



12. I'll see you there



French Possession were formed during the early sessions of the 'Foil for a girl in a posh frock' album.   As the band became more focused and confident, new songs were written and the album began to take shape.

Ironically, the new music is the first that you will hear. It reflects the backward-glancing disposition of the writer in the latter half of 2005. The second half of the album contains the earlier recordings: happy and sad songs about life, love and loss, written over a period of years and hence with a more retro feel.

What you don't get on this album, though,  are songs that sound the same. Steve Jones possesses a songwriting style that is versatile to say the least. Whether you prefer the beatle-esque quality of 'frail beauty', the happy-clappy blue grass feel of 'deep in the long grass', the dark electronica of 'wear and tear' or the classic pop that is the title track, there is undoubtedly something for everyone here.

French Possession are: Steve Jones (guitar/vocals), Robert 'the kiddie' Burton (lead guitar/vocals), Bruno Newman (guitar/keyboards/vocals) and Briony Ace (vocals)

'Foil for a girl in a posh frock' was recorded at Resident Studios, London, England and produced by Bruno Newman.