The Music Room 



Do you want to hear heartfelt songs about life? Read on.

Falling somewhere between Tom Petty, Johnny Cash Bob Dylan and Lou Reed, Perry Hodder aka Hod the God now releases his first CD in February 2005 on the Hoot Owl record label titled "the music room" featuring 12 new carefully crafted songs about life in its darkest moments all penned by vocalist/guitarist Perry Hodder including the  tracks "Indian Queens" and "Last chance saloon" the ultimate bar room song.

Hod the God has hit the number one spot in the acid planet classic rock genre chart several times and already have a growing fan base.

The cd includes contributions from Mokka ex Ian McNabb band and Gordon McGoochan of the UK's best blues band Goofer Dust and was produced in Manchester's Music room studio and mastered at Courtyard studios.

Here's a typical review :
10/10 : Ok, here's my scoop

This the 3rd song of yours I've heard. You are Bob Dylan with voice lessons right? There are others but overall it's a Bob Dylan quality but much, much better. Real nice playin' on them guitars. Solo really added nicely on your song. Star 69. Paul
-  Paul Bourne

So what are you waiting for ??? Its a cracker !
-  Tony Ulverston

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Track Listing and MP3 Samples.

 Track Title

High Quality


Last chance saloon



Too Much water




No way back




I hope your dreams go well


Remembrance day


One red rose


God's set me free again


This broken heart of mine


Indian Queens


I will shine a light for you



Hod was born in Lancashire England but strangely supports Arsenal. Many years ago he played bass in a Cumbrian Metal band Goldsmith, who released a single 'Life Is killing Me', much lauded at the time by Kerrang Magazine & Tommy Vance.

Looking for a different musical jetty to tie his boat to he joined Emperor Jones to form Small In A Big Way who released a single 'Katy's Lips' on the Indie label Bedlam Records.

Now he is back with a new CD 'The Music Room' recorded in Manchester for the Hoot Owl label and features contributions from Mokka (Ian McNabb Band) and Gordon McGoochan of Brighton band Goofer Dust who has worked with legendary producer Trevor Horn among others

The music is deeply personal & autobiographical, contemplative and melancholy but with an ultimately uplifting message for those at the same lifecycle point as Hod himself.

Let Hod tell you himself :

"what matters is the song, can it be played simply & successfully just on the acoustic and still stand up ? is it lyrically interesting and does it tell a story? Sure the production counts but my music is about the song itself, the songwriters art and finding a message that will resonate within the listeners heart, strike a chord so to speak"

Its been a long strange trip for Hod but he has finally found his own voice.