One of England's gentler singer/songwriters who captures the mood of each song with total sincerity and the enchantment of his music - A must for those who enjoy the introspective side of acoustic music!


Lee Mitchell did the busking rounds of France and Ireland and trod the folk club boards of southern England for more than a decade. Now,for the first time on CD, appears the man and his music.In the late 70s he was encouraged to push his talent by guitar legend Mark Knopfler. On through the journey he played with many artists, not least of all Callum Mcoll son of the late Ewan Mcoll - the father of traditional folk music. From the early infuences of the old bluesmen through such artists as Ralph Mctell,paul Simon,Don Mclean and many others, he has drawn the water of music from all their wells, interwoven the threads to create a tapestry all of his own with a collection of songs that speak truely to and from the heart.


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Track Listing & Mp3 Samples


Lost-Bird / An American Indian Story



Another Road


Steady Rolling Man Blues


Honeysuckle Baby


A Song For Angela


Richard Lionheart


Mistreated This Way


A Blues In Open D


The Youth Of Man


A Sri-Lankan Serenade