Please Remain Seated is the third album release from still-unsigned-but-we-don't-know-why duo The Marvin Project. The album sees Marvin softening the edges, smoothing out the kinks, showing some soul and funking it up. It's the usual mix: The sweet and sensitive stuff, shown in Naked and acoustic number Waiting To Be Free, funky monkeys such as Funky Love and In A Daze and the odd arse-kicking dance track such as Love Robots. Go Marvin GO!


The Marvin Project have been up and running since 2000 and are still not signed. We don't understand why, we're fab.

The Music: It's all good. A bit of electronica, a bit of funk, some pop here and there, a splash of dance and a touch of sexiness. Mmmmm. It will make you sexy by association, honest guv.

Please buy our music, it's really good. We've spent 2 years on this one, so that makes it extra brilliant. Just listen to the samples, they'll convince you. Go on, spend your money, you have too much of it anyway.



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Track Listing and MP3 Samples.

 Track Title

High Quality


Leave a little soul


Funky love


In a daze




Seven days


Waiting to be free


Space boy


Force of nature







Love robots


Words get in the way





It all seems so long ago now... The Marvin Project was formed at the end of 2000 in a pub in Essex. At the time Jay was sporting a blond 'hair hat' and Tina thought she looked the bee's knees in her Arthur Daley coat. The sacred meeting of the Marvin took place and there a magical thing happened. They have yet to find out what it was.

Marvin started to make music in the early part of 2001, the first ever tune being Dreamer. It was kinda groovy and set the precedent of how Marvin made music in 2001 - Jay would do to the tune, Tina would do the lyrics and sing a melody over the top. Jay is a talented boy, skilled in the art of playing pretty much anything he picks up, but he mostly sticks to his guitar, keyboards and synths. He is also a very good producer and general whizz around anything technical and computery. All Tina had to do was come along with some words and sing them. Things are slightly different now, with Tina composing as well. She has been working on tunes on her own, which she then sends to Jay to add his own touches.

The music itself has progressed. Bliss was Marvin's first baby. A gentle, if tentative, first album, it drew its influences from blues, trip-hop, house, and electronica. Generally, the musical style was probably best categorised as 'Chill Out', (or trip-pop, or electronic soul if you want to get really poncey) and was reminiscent of a movie soundtrack. These days the influences remain the same, with an added element of funk and disco. Next! is the big adolescent brother of Bliss: moody, energetic and throwing creative wobblers everywhere.  And now this latest release is sure to tickle your fancy!

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