An Object In Motion 




An Object In Motion is a collection of underground Hip Hop, From 1995-2001, by MC 01.  He is one of the most revered and imitated artists in the United States.  This music collection captures classic collaborations with The Pacifiq Max, Phil The Agony of the Likwit Crew, The Beat Banga of The Specialists, Illness, Furious Styles of NHL, and Agent X of The Black Whole.  An Object In Motion absolutely achieves its objective corelative.  This CD raised standards for independent Hip Hop releases from its packaging to its rough edged production and mixes that pull you in to the Golden State world of Underground Hip Hop within seconds.



This album proves that Hip Hop is viable as itself. Big budgets, and cross over strategies are not necessary to create a quality project. Quality beats and rhymes governed by originality = An Object In Motion.



MC 01's intellectually charged lyrics with their thought provoking metaphore's are intoxicating to a point of addiction. This project was done for the vintage BBoys and Queens of the Hip Hop culture. If you are looking for quality rap, this is it.




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Track Listing and MP3 Samples.

 Track Title

High Quality


Walk Down (Intro 1: Agent X on drum solo)


Take Control (Intro B)


11:59 2000 (Featuring The Beat Banga of The  Specialists)


Listen & Learn (Featuring Kev Choice And Excite of the Pasifik Max)


The Anthem


...of things...


Cant Fight It


...blow 1... (Featuring Kev Choice and Shade The Brouss of The Pacifiq Macks)







12. ...mind on... (Featuring Sic 1, and Kev Choice of the Pacifiq Maqs)
13. ...the ignorant...
14. Get Some (Featuring Illness and Furious Styles of NHL)
15. !%#$&@

Momma's Cornbread

17. Revolutionaries (Featuring Phil The Agony of The Barbershop MC's)
18. The Coming (Featuring Shade The Brouss, Kev Choice and Sic 1 of the Pacifik Maqs)
19. Questioning Evil



MC 01 is a 20 year veteran MC/BBoy. He is the Director of Sound Engineering and Public Relations at Pacifiq Mass Media Services. 01 is also a member of the Pacifiq Macks, affiliated with The Specialists and Blackwhole. An Object In Motion is a snap shot of his heralded career as one of America's most respected and imitated independent artists.

His legacy began at age 9, break dancing and rapping in South Central Los Angeles in 1984. Nurtured by his older brother (rapper/poet Pimpish1 R.I.P.) and local rap and graffiti crews of the time, he soon became known as THE rapper/tagger in whatever circle he entered.

In 1993 01 went to Xavier University in New Orleans. There he met Kev Choice, Shade The Brouss, Mali Spriggs, and eventually Excite and Sic One. From 1993-1998, 01 and the core members of this group wreaked havoc on the New Orleans Hip Hop scene and street life. Members of this group evolved into one of Hip Hop's most revered Crews, The Pasifiq Maqs.

An Object In Motion is a collection of independent releases that 01 is most known for, chronicling him from 1995-2001. Because of 01's courage/determination to record the first album written, mixed and engineered by the performing artist, he has knowledge of the music business unrivaled by any artist or executive.

MC 01 is the founder of Pacifiq Mass Media Services, a company specializing in Public Relations Campaigns and Audio Recording. He has also worked in Community Service for 15 years and is pioneering several art and youth programs.

The ultimate goal of MC 01 is Hip Hop Nationalism.

Brief Performance History:

USC Piano Recitals 1980 - 1985
St. Raphael's Talent shows/showcases (South Central LA ) (Rap/Dance) 1988-1989

Bishop Montgomery High School Dances, Parties and Showcases (Torrance, Ca) 1989-1993

Pius X H.S. After Prom (Downey, Ca) 1991

Verbum Dei H.S. Prom (Watts, California) 1993

Lyricist Lounge Showcases: Talent Show Winner and Rap Battle Champion (Los Angeles, Ca) 1997-1998

Caf' Brazil featured performances and rap battles (New Orleans) 1993-1997

Caf' Istanbul featured performances and rap battles (New Orleans) 1993-1997

Xavier University Springfests, Homecoming celebrations, featured performances and rap battles (New Orleans) 1993-1997

Gavin Music Convention Rap Battle  (New Orleans) 1994

University of California at Irvine Subterranean Hip Hop Concert 1993-Present

Calif. State Univ. Long Beach Underground Poet Society Concert Series 1995-Present

Gurt Town Pool Parties, featured performances and (New Orleans) 1993-1997

Mr. Jays featured performances and rap battles (New Orleans) 1993-1997
Café Future Open Mic Events (Inglewood, Ca) 1995-2001

World Wide Open Mic open mic series and featured performances (legendary Leimert Park, Ca) 1995-Present

The Legendary 5th Street Dick's Open Mic Series 1995-2001

Revolutionary Poets Caf' Open Mic Series (legendary Leimert Park, Ca) 1995-Present

The Legendary Whiskey-A-Go-Go -  featured performance with the Underground Poet Society (Hollywood, Ca) 1997

Kotton Club Open Mic Series and featured performances (Los Angeles) 2003-Present

Poets Den Open Mic Series and featured performances (Los Angeles) 1999

Pacifiq Mass Media Services & Los Angeles South West College Beneath the Surface Concert Series  (Los Angeles) 2000

Dough Boy's Dozens Open Mic Series (Los Angeles) 2002-2003

Octopus Lounge Featured Performance (Pacifica, Ca) 2003

Brooklyn Anchorage (Brooklyn, NY) 2000

A Mic and Dim Lights  (Pamona, Ca) 2002-present

Club Phoenix (Seattle, WA) 2004

Mixed Nuts (Los Angeles, Ca) 2004

The Temple Bar (Los Angeles) 2004

Nile Caf' (Little Ethiopia, Ca) 2004

The Poetry Lounge (West LA, Ca) 2004

The Chelsey Theatre (LA, Ca) 2004

Sonny's Spot (LA, Ca) 2002-present

The Legendary Kaos Network (Leimert Park, Ca) 1998-2001