Sweet Love


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1. Sweet Love (Radio Mix) 


2. Sweet Love (Ben Garden Remix)


3. Sweet Love (Instrumental)




When Kathleen first came to Sydney as a country girl looking for work, she didn't imagine for one minute that music was just around the corner. The idea of really taking it up had only ever been a fantasy. 

Her love of music and dancing saw her hanging out at various night spots around town where she met Lee, a songwriter who was just beginning to produce his own material. This meant many conversations about music as Kathleen had never met anyone who wrote songs and actually recorded them. 

About a year later, the band Lee was in broke up, and he took the opportunity to concentrate more on his writing, and gaining valuable experience in the studio as a producer. It was during this period he discovered Kathleen's voice when one day, as he was working on a new song, she came in with a harmony line that completely took him by surprise. He had no idea she could sing, and after thinking about it for a few days, he invited her into the studio to do the harmonies on a new track. Kathleen couldn't believe it as this was something she had only ever dreamed about and of course jumped at the chance. The session proved to be a winner, and from there a new band was formed. Kathleen at last got to be on stage doing real gigs in front of real audiences for the very first time.

This continued for a few years until they decided to break away and become a duo but still doing the rock pop thing. Even though this worked well, Lee eventually realised that Kathleen was more suited to the dance pop genre. It's something he suspected for a while and she was happy to go there.

Before long they were back in the studio and it soon became apparent that this was definitely the right way to go. Everything seemed to fit, and from that point on their sound took on a more exciting flavour.