Cast No Shadow On The Light


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Dawn 'till sunset







It's about Music.

Out of the deepest, darkness, come these songs.

Music has always been a love...  "If I was starving and had to buy food, or needed a new set of guitar strings, it would be the guitar strings..."

Melodies swoon, tinged with a torn sadness, death born, loss inspired, fuelled by hope, songs alone - empty hall acoustic guitar, tribal rhythms pounding, tearing down the walls, or beautiful orchestration, gracefully darting though like rays of light that pierce the soul... uplifting... lift our, your soul...  sounds swell and disappear in whispers.. or burst like lights exploding into sparks... aching yet tender emotion... reaching to the sky... sparks and shards fly... Live; bruised hearts dangle from wrists... Rise, Fall, Love, Hate, ...always running, always moving, exploring, touching, breaking down... through these walls... on, between and pushing through these Borderlines...

This Music that can be listened to by everyone in years to come... it's the truth...  "timeless" ...keep listening in years to come - not wrapped up in current trends of fashionable music... music is the only thing that lasts forever, and On the Borderline build it to last...

"We write for ourselves, not for management, nobody holds us, owns us... we are doing this on our own, how far we can take it is how far you can take it..."

Some people write for money, some people write about materialism, but when listening to On the Borderline there is a sense of relentless...  struggle... restlessness, and this resilience through Hope is a continuing theme throughout the music.

In Q4 2003 On the Borderline released a self produced EP. - Fine songs written a many years before... It's a time of hope against the odds...
' The misconception is that the band is all optimism but more so, the lining of the music is sung of the flickering glimmer in the darkness...'  It's a record of beginning...or loss... it's journey music; through life and the bits in-between we travel and go through.

'We learnt a lot with this recording and know this isn't our best, as that's always yet to come' Always writing, recording, listing and playing, getting better than yesterday, and playing like there's no tomorrow...ontheborderline

Currently they have regular airplay with Kool AM (Harlow, Essex, UK on 1134am; across London on the Telewest Digital Network)

Go and see them live while you can... and when you do, if you know the words, mouth them if you feel them to... Come close, 'listen hard, listen soft, step into the light and I'll see you on the other side'


It's all about the Music.