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Peter Brodie is an exponent of gentle folk who sings his own songs, some tinged with sadness, some with humour. Both the style of song and the singing are reminiscent of Tom Paxton. Indeed, Warner Brothers Records said of Brodie in 1971, 'he sounds like Tom Paxton but as we have one Tom Paxton under contract, we don't need another'.

His voice is one of those rarities, possessing as it does an impressive range, from the tenor voice on 'Summer Breeze', which pleads with you to follow him away from it all on a sailing boat, to the deep bass on the pastiche country and western track 'Hit the Road.


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Track Listing and MP3 Samples.

 Track Title

High Quality


Summer breeze


Keep on moving


Hit the road


The average guy


Don't turn me away


Each time you go away


The things I need


The open road


When the time is right


The afternoons are cold round georgian bay




Brodie's musical career started when he was just into his teens in 1961. He has played in a duo, several bands, and for the most part, solo.
In the mid 60's, Brodie went to live in Toronto, Canada and in a short time had written a series of country songs, having been influenced by the country artists of the day. By the late 60's, he was leaning more towards ballads and wrote several, some with a 'country' feel others more folky.
During the 70's, and now back in the UK, Brodie performed solo at various venues - pubs, folk clubs and restaurants, singing a mixture of his own compositions, pop songs and popular ballads. It was during this period that most of his songs were written.
In 2001 he was featured on London's Ritz Country 1035 radio station, whose listening figures  were said to be about 100,000. His song Britain is the Country for Country (not on the CD) was played on the station's UK Showcase by DJ Randall Lee Rose. The DJ told listeners that the song was "kinda cool, very hooky". More recently, his music has been played on radio in the USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK.
For every copy of the CD sold, Brodie is donating one US Dollar to the International Foundation for Disabled Sailing (IFDS), the body responsible for disabled sailing worldwide. The money will go to increasing awareness, and accessibility for disabled sailors around the world. Of all the tracks, it was 'Summer Breeze' which drew the praise of IFDS. A spokesperson said: "Peter Brodie's performance on 'Summer Breeze' epitomises the spirit and triumph of sailing. It seems to speak to sailors of all nationalities and abilities. Sailors from around the world should enjoy his compositions, both on the water and off. IFDS would like to thank Mr. Brodie for his contribution to the sport of sailing through his musical talents." Brodie said: 'I am delighted that my music is able to help such a worthwhile cause, and I would be thrilled if Summer Breeze were to become a favourite song with sailing enthusiasts around the world, both disabled and able-bodied."