Shadow Rising 




Shadow Rising is an album inspired by the works of Tolkien, although no mention is made of the characters and places that are found in his works.  This is concept rock by Soundestiny, and this saga will take you on an dark and dangerous adventure complete with perils, courage, and romance. 


Each song is strongly tied to this theme, and will lift and transport you to another time and place...into the heart of a stirring adventure. Driving guitars, melodic keyboards, strong vocals, and heart-felt lyrics permeate this epic experience.

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Track Listing and MP3 Samples.

 Track Title

High Quality


The land of shadow


The precious band


Follow your heart


Far away from home


Your burning love


Fiery mountain of doom


See the light




Somebody save me


My heart is green


I was blind


My heart's in your hand



Soundestiny is Concept Rock...adventure, drama, romance and passion interwoven with driving melodic music. They aim to transport you to another time and place, into the heart of an adventure that grips you completely. Here you will experience all the events and the emotions of the characters as the tale unfolds.


Soundestiny albums are strongly theme oriented...dark, dangerous and exciting journeys into the unknown. In their world, a love song is not merely a love becomes a passionate exchange between characters central to the story. Let the music with its themes of love, anger, fear, friendship and devotion envelop your heart and mind.


Soundestiny combines the talents of Darryl Grant Potter (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Michael Bohl (guitars, bass), Greg Tschernez (drum programming, bass), Paul Lines (vocals), Elissa Maclean (vocals), and Julia Lefik (vocals).


We are a group of artists featuring vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, and drums. Most of us also perform with other Australian local bands or as solo artists. The above line-up is flexible in nature and may vary from time to time depending on the project.