Steve has become a familiar face in the South West over the last few years, with sets at festivals, clubs and pubs locally and as resident performer at Bristol's premier roots venue, the Albert Hole and Bath's number one music spot, the Porter. He proved his worth at the 2001 Sidmouth Festival where a gig on the Open Stage led to being selected for the Festival Showcase concert and a request to return again the following year. Other successes include playing the Bristol Community Festival (aka Ashton Court) and Raise Your Banners (festival of political song) in Sheffield.


Over the years, Steve has appeared alongside many of the top touring acts on the roots scene - artists such as Rock Salt and Nails, Isaac Guillory and Eliza Carthy, to name a few. He's received much favourable comment for his troubles: "an amazing set" (Paul Downes), "brilliant" (Isaac Guillory). In 1997 he co-founded the songwriters' co-operative, New Music Network along with Gerry Colvin (of Terry and Gerry) for the promotion of emerging music. Steve's New Music Network performances have included the Wiltshire County Show, Folk in the Park at Burnham on Sea and BBC Music Live in Bristol's historic harbour. Steve has also made several live appearances on BBC radio and been recorded for BBC television and Channel 4.


Steve's background in theatre, puppetry and political and environmental activism has played it's part in developing a highly original songwriting style and distinctive performance technique. This ability has been well recognised in the local press: "some of the finest acoustic music England has produced in years" (Venue Magazine), "music at the cutting edge" (Bath Chronicle) and, during a spell working with fiddler Liz Tedbury: "probably the most distinctive duo on the Bristol roots scene at the moment... high energy fun songs" (Synergy Magazine). The most recent endorsement: "Exceptionally talented singer/ songwriter who has a brilliant stage presentation and a wonderful way of presenting his often offbeat material" (Venue Magazine).

"Steve Hughes surely has to be one of the brightest roots musicians currently working in the UK. A songwriter who finds beauty, mystery and romance in everyday situations and works these themes into powerful songs of love and political fervour. These are songs to lift people, empower, inspire and enrich, high in energy, hard hitting. Highly recommended, especially for anarchists with rulebooks, pacifists at war with politicians and dreamers dealing with reality. This is world roots music from a performer with a difference, an impassioned player of the heart, soul, body and mind. A menagerie of influences shows hints of Billy Bragg and Rory Mcleod, the rhythms of Brazil and Spain and the poetry of Woody Guthrie." The Prom music guide, May 2002


Track Listing 

 Track Title


Till I don't know


World of work


Man on the cliff face


You to cherish you


Ballad of hooversville




Dance and go yeah!


Other folks shoes


Revolutionaries love song


Arnside rd


I dunno nuffin


Tight walls


Her lover not her enemy


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