"Light" is the amazing follow up to last years release "Ripple" Tribe of One's second cd features more fiddling from outer and inner space by  composer and arranger Ian Tothill with some meaty productions . It shows a willingness to experiment with new musical ideas. It retains the calm contemplative feel of the distinctive Tribe of One sound,  adds in new instuments and uses inspiration from all kinds of sources. 


Guest musicians appear for the first time, the inimitable Graham Wright drums up a storm on opening track "oi". "If I could" borrows a line from a Louvin Brothers song courtesy of Rod Boyes and places it in an entirely new place backed by timple from Ian and bass by John Murphy. "Maiden's Prayer" has a version of the famous Bob Wills tune buried amongst a welter of dubbed up beats "Coo" features a wood pigeon and her backing orchestra..... dont ask, just listen. "Andy" involves conga ace Andy Humpage and Scottish Country Dance caller Andy Wiener with the usual wandering fiddle lines from Ian . "Remedy" has almost no violin, the lead being shared by Augustus Pablo like melodica and a timple. "Be" was an attempt to create a piece using just 2 notes (B and E!). Half way through the tension is broken by the introduction of some rogue notes.Compelling. The cd clatters to a close with 2 tunes from beyond nowhere. If you listen closely , theres the lyrics from the old timey song "Liza Jane", but not as they have been presented before. 


The cd is a great addition to Tribe of One's output and suggests that there is plenty more to come from this corner of West Yorkshire.

 the rest of the world sleeps





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If I could


Maiden's prayer












Holy moly


Liza jane



Tribe of One is the personal music project of fiddle player Ian Tothill. He still loves to play wild solos in rockabilly, cajun and country bands. However since Hank Williams is long gone and has no further need of a band member, Ian has come up with something completely different. Tribe of One music fits no known category and is an attempt to represent the contents of Ian's head in musical form. It comes out of all the music he has ever been passionate about. Listening to the kind of eclectic sounds found on BBC Radio 3 programme "Late Junction", he has been inspired to devise pieces that emerge from fragments of tunes, half remembered ideas and cut up loops lurking in the MC303 sequencer. The scales used hint at lyra music from Crete or borrow from Algerian rai, but the overall effect is one of a unique musical form. The fiddle shares the limelight with a saw, a timple (Canarian 5 string instrument)and acoustic guitar. The beats sometimes drive the music along or may shimmer in the background or disappear altogether. Ian has recently been recording with guests who play the parts which he can't do himself. There are no plans to perform the music live but Ian is always open to possibilities. He can be heard guesting on The Rootsman CD "New Testament" and is available for further collaboration