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WARNING! Do not attempt to play this song without a spare pair of dry underpants! This is the most hilarious song you will have ever heard. There's more laughs packed into this song than fat packed into Jo Brand's Corset; and more catching hook-lines than fisherman's weekly. A 'tongue in cheek' and 'foot in mouth love song about two 'ordinary' people who recognize what they are not! Incidentally, the cover is as hilarious as the song.


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Ugly Fruit





Ugly Fruit are:

Rocky Knox - Lead vocal, bass, triangle and all the white notes on the keyboard
Skip Bail - Rhythm guitars, woodblocks, the 'Aahh' bits and all the black notes on the keyboard
Dick Strummer - Manic lead guitar and coconut shells (simultaneously)
'Cosy' Knightin - Drums, pots and pans and empty shoeboxes
Barry. R. Reef Sexy soul interlude (and supplier of really hot looking black backing birds!)

Ugly Fruit, until this point have remained an enigma and never shown their faces in public. Could it be this is an already well known band disguised to do something a little bit different? (Or is it just that they REALLY ARE UGLY?)