My Thunder Dance



This 'My Thunder Dance' is the best dance music album for the D.J. and for the Party people, even you are not a party person.  But don't you think it's a very good idea to take this album and give it to the host that is hosting the party as a gift?, and everyone can dance with the music you bring.

This is Vipada's first album.  She said the reason for this album to have been released, is because for many times (she means time after time) she has tried to find some dance music album on the market that has a stunning exciting sound, that even the people who don't like to dance start to feel like they want to get up and move their body's and feel totally happy.

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Track Listing and MP3 Samples.

 Track Title

Mp3 link


Don't let the rain fall on me


Tell me why (Radio mix)


You can dance


Don't stop until you get enough


My thunder dance


Get out of control


Music never die


Love only me


Just a fool


Tell me why (Extended version)


Artist Information:

She ware born in Thailand, As a teen-ager stayed in America; now currently living In Sweden.
Yep! she has been in 3 Region  and 3 Culture so she knew the traditional's of Asian, American, and European.  Think about what kinds of unique music she will come up with, when the time comes about making music!.  Vipada mixed her own tracks and all her tracks have been created by heart and well arranged to recorded these excellent entertaining  tracks.

Vipada has Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, Marketing, on her own.  She created her electronic mixed tracks on a single personal computer with 7 Creative speaker around her desk and self-released on her own Vipada Lantz label.

Vipada said all the sounds you hear on this cd has come from 'Ejay software music creation program' it helped her a lot for what she was looking for!  The only thing is she just can't sing, but that's not a problem Ejay has the sound sample of the persons voice that she can mix and match.   She can also find every instruments sound and effects of samples she can ever wanted.

She worked days and nights, spending hours after hours, many days passing by!  She can not really count how many hours for trying to create the correct sound of Experimental electronic music she has been dreaming of.  The kind that mixes between dance floor, techno, trance, hip hop and rock to be suitable for the D.J. and for the Party People or even anyone that feels like dancing while staying at home.  Best of all about this album is, you can not really tell on every track what's style it is!

You name it she's got it all (styles of music I mean!) and got them mixed into one track.  She got it the way she thought it should be.   You can listen to some of her samples on this site, on the internet, or you can listen to them on her own website that she has created herself at  Some of you in Europe can hear her song on radio stations and they will be around America and Asia Soon.   Even better still, get your hands on the album and listen to every track of " My Thunder Dance" CD

Vipada said she was not thinking about selling this album from the beginning but when everyone of her friends and family had listen to the tracks, all of them said almost the same "why don't you sell this album" "Your music makes us wanna dance and I'm sure many people will also fell the same".  Even her sister that had been feeling down for many days started to get up and dance to the track called " Tell me why" and that certainly put a big smile on Vipada's face.   After that Vipada has been thinking about what her friends and family said!  She thinks her family & friends were right...  She wants to share this album of her songs.   So people can start dancing around in any  part of the world.  Even though she doesn't get to see how people are dancing or acting, in her heart she knows that it will help someone to get up and dance with their heart beating inside.   And that's how she can proudly present her her first  album!!

Nightcafe's Managers Note:  This album is amazing!  I personally am not a dance fan but this album has opened my mind.  It has been created professionally and is presented as an unquestionably fantastic cd.