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Revised terms of contract from 22/03/05

If for any reason you require your CD's to be returned please be aware that you may be billed the cost of the return postage (this will be left to the discretion of our management). 

If any sold CD goes missing or is damaged in the post due to no fault of our own, we will attempt to claim the cost of the CD and postage from Royal Mail and pass them back to you.  We will not be liable for any costs incurred and they will be passed on to the seller.

When dealing with credit card orders, there are always risks of fraud (albeit very small).  Worldpay and Paypal who process your payments have excellent fraud detection facilities but very rarely we do get a charge-back.  The charge-back cost and the total price of the loss will be passed onto the seller.  Please note that we will contest any charge-back and will try everything possible to get your money back.

If you are to be billed for any reason mentioned above, the costs will be deducted from the money we may owe you.  If we do not owe you any money, we will send an invoice to your address and await your payment asap.  Your CD's will not be returned until any outstanding costs are settled.

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