What you do:

Fill in our online submission form so we know about your music and yourselves.  (It won't take long and if you want you can update it later).

Send us just 5 cd's or Records to start with  (our postal address is given once the registration is complete).


What we do:

We list you music into our database and include a link to your own web page with the sole purpose of SELLING YOUR CD.  It can include sound clips, links back to your own website, reviews, and all of the text and descriptions you want.

We take orders online for your cds and keep you updated of sales.


What is the cost:

There are 2 options available, whichever is best for you:

Option 1. There are no registration costs and you get 60% of the sale.  The other 40% is ours.  (We will mainly use our 40% cut to help develop the website further by advertising etc and to cover our own costs).

Option 2. You pay a one off setup cost of £15.00 and then we take £2.50 from every cd sold.  You keep the rest.


Is there a contract:

There are no contracts to sign.  We are a music shop, not a record label.  We hold no rights to your music whatsoever.  You just send your music to us and we sell it, it's as simple as that.


What formats we accept:

We accept Cd's and Records.  We can allow homemade Cdr's but they do have to look good.  Also your cd's do not have to be shrink-wrapped (but it is preferable).


Are there any limitations:

No, but you do have to have the rights to sell the music.  We do not allow counterfeit goods on our website.

Register your music

If you have any questions please email us

Basic Contract.

By sending us an initial batch of CD's you will be entering in to a system whereby payments to artists will be made on the last working day of January, March, May, July, September and November for sales in the preceding two calendar months.

In the event of us having to re-supply a product to a customer who has complained of receiving a faulty disk, we authorize a return to us and either refund or swap the product after our technical department has checked the product. We reserve the right to pass on any expenses incurred in this process. Should you require the faulty CD to be returned to you then, this will also be billed at the rate of £5.00 per CD, (to be deducted from your next bi-monthly payment).

Helping us to sell your product:
In your "routine" communications with the specialist music, general music press and other media, as well your fans / followers etc/... Please be sure to mention that your work can be purchased on line - this gives you a better return! It will also allow people to browse other artists' CD's on the site. Remember that if everyone does this, everybody's sales should increase! Give them the exact address (URL) of the web site, which is www.nightcafe.co.uk

You may wish to add a link on your web site to the above address, or contact us for a rather nice banner graphic to link to us with!

How we promote your products / our web shop:
We are regularly in contact with music and more general publications to promote our shop, we also like to think that all our artists and record companies make people aware of the shop. In addition we are registered with many shop portals like Shopping Village, who send customers our way, we have also submitted our site to the major search engines. From time to time we undertake more general advertisements in magazines and periodicals (this is partley what we do with our 40%)!

We also have a large supply of "stickers" in the best traditions of the music business and we would hope that you and yours stick these sensibly, but remember that "all the worlds a shop" and that the Night Café can ship globally! - If you would like some click here/...

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